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Project Pulse Plus was created as

a start-up, which reacts to the current situation in the area of electromobility.

We are in the break period at the moment, in which the process of electrification is happening and combustion engines are substituted by the electric cars. It is essential to create the most complex network of charging stations at the beginning of the whole process, so it would persuade the owners of classic cars to switch to electric cars or hybrid cars. That is one of the most important reasons, which will influence the users, so they will purchase an electric car.

This process is heavily supported in Western Europe by European Union or by the governments of the countries. For example, there is 22.000 charging stations in Netherland at the moment. On the contrary, there is only 280 in Czech Republic.

We can say that there is obvious disproportion, which in EU, sets us into disadvantage. Western European tourists, who are going to use electric or hybrid cars, will not come to Czech Republic, because they will not be able to recharge their cars here. That can have negative effect at the whole tourist situation in our country.



Czech style

That`s why we were trying to find a way, in which we could help the process of change to alternative fuels and accelerate the reduction of ecological footprint, which is caused by the fuel emissions of classic combustion engines. Thanks to Czech finances and Czech specialists, we have invented our own charger, which meets all European standards and it is fully prepared for operation.


We`ve invented our own design, which is based on experiences in our maternal company Creative Design Group. It`s main target is to nicely improve any parking lot, square, company HQs or golf courses.

Affordable price

The price of the charger is also very important. Thanks to the Czech production costs and invention in Czech Republic, the price of the charger is much lower than price of any other competition and it is affordable even for smaller businesses.

Marketing possibilities


Another added value of our project is the possibility to use the charger as marketing instrument. It can be used as attractive service for the owners of electric cars, who can recharge their car during every visit of your business, especially at the beginning of the process of electrification.



Programmable switch

Charging station is also equipped with a programmable time switch, on which you can set up the time of operation, which is going to correspond with your opening hours of your business. The price of one recharging process is during special rate schedule around 50 - 60 Kč per hour. Purchase of this charger can help in case of PR and it also presents the company as the ecological and progressive thinking business.

Implementation of the charging station


One of the most important benefit is definitely the early implementation of your charging station into the searching engines, which are used by the owners of the electric and hybrid cars. The sooner you will have your adress registered, it will be more known in the future, when you would like to sell the electricity.





We`ve also created network PulsePro, which associates all owners of our charging station. They are able to use another benefits through this network like prolonged warranty (4 years) or their own brand on the charging station for free. We will also take care of putting the charging station into all relevant searching engines.

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